My name is Aimee and I'm the creative soul behind Blue moon holistics! I first began creating jewelry in 2014 after an overwhelming search to purchase a Baltic amber teething necklace for my youngest child. I found so many shops selling these necklaces, but I wasn't sure which were creating their pieces using genuine Baltic amber. I wanted to support a small business, because this is very important to me, but which one? I began to care deeply about whose hands held the necklace, whose intentions and energy had knotted between each bead? If I was going to place such a personal piece of jewelry on my child it mattered that I knew all of these things! who exactly was I supporting? with all of these thoughts in mind I began to aim my search in another direction, towards small family owned and run businesses who sourced and sold their genuine Baltic amber! I found such a business located in Lithuania and have been purchasing my Baltic amber from them ever since! guaranteed genuine, bought in small batches to ensure freshness of product and tested to prove pure! Now I would like you to know a little about ME as the hands that create YOUR personal piece!

I am a single mom to 6 wonderful children, ages 7-18. I am working on finding my voice, cultivating compassion for all beings and learning to trust the universe to provide exactly what my little family needs exactly when it's needed. I am fulfilled with creating, and find deep satisfaction when I create and ship orders out! when I sit down to create a piece I clear my  mind, breathe deeply and put my energy into each knot that I make. each bead that is strung onto thread is a prayer, a thought for good and purity and all good things for the person that it will be adorning and healing and helping! I hope that it is felt by you, and your family and is received as love from my hands to yours.