• Image of Soothing Hazelwood and Baltic amber

I've received so many custom requests for a necklace that brings peaceful, calming energies while holding natural pain relief (especially useful for headache relief) as well as easing reflux and skin issues and THIS is the design that I recommend 9 out of 10 times! I've recommend and created it So many times that I've decided to offer it all the time here!

Hazelwood combined with raw yellow Baltic amber and amethyst hand knotted on mocha thread and finished with a screw clasp.

All of the Hazelwood that we use in our jewelry is Hand-harvested from wild Beaked Hazel plants in Quebec. we only use the freshest Hazelwood to ensure quality and longevity of the finished product.

Hazelwood is used to bring balance to your bodies ph. when your ph levels are unbalanced you may experience several physical manifestations but a few of the more common ones with children that are eased by wearing Hazelwood are eczema and reflux. Hazelwood has also been found to relieve migraine headaches and minimize drooling in teething babies.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are very popular among parents who want a natural solution for baby’s teething as well as drooling. Succinic Acid is thought to be responsible for most teething benefits that are provided by Amber necklaces. When this natural resin is worn close to the skin it is thought to be able to release healing oil (Succinic Acid) into the bloodstream. This all natural release is what brings ease to the daily pain and discomfort brought forth by teething.
Amber that comes from Baltic Sea is known to contain as much as 3-8% of this acid by weight. When wearing Amber jewelry it is also essential to make sure that it is in contact with some part of your body. This is important because Amber is able to release Succinic Acid only when it is warm from the contact of skin.

::When you purchase Baltic amber from Blue moon holistics you are guaranteed genuine Baltic amber from the Baltic sea. Also the support that you may need throughout your babies teething journey!