• Image of sacred legacy meditation mala
  • Image of sacred legacy meditation mala
  • Image of sacred legacy meditation mala
  • Image of sacred legacy meditation mala

The Sacred Legacy Meditation Mala is a collaborative effort between Sacred legacy arts and Blue Moon Holistics. This truly unique creation is an original concept of the two designers -- a hybrid of two sacred art forms, the first of its kind.

PLEASE NOTE this is a two part purchasing process. read through this entire listing and you will find directions for purchasing the Guru bead from Sacred legacy arts' website.

::For the mala portion of this inspiring piece you have two options. you may have your Guru bead strung onto a mala featuring Bayong wood beads (only) these are the wooden beads that you see in the malas pictured. if you would like to have a custom design created just for you, combining all gemstone or stone and wood beads (see examples shown) please select the "custom mala" option upon checking out. you will work directly with me to create the perfect combination for your needs! please be mindful of the colors of the option that you choose if adding shimmer to your guru bead to ensure that the overall design is aesthetically pleasing to you. whichever option you choose will be knotted and finished With a cream Thai silk tassel OR you may choose to go Vegan and add a cotton tassel.

::The gems of your meditation mala are lovingly hand strung by Blue Moon Holistics.

::The guru bead of meditation mala is a sacred legacy bead hand-crafted by Sacred legacy arts-- made from your very own sacred inclusions. Be it mama's own breastmilk, baby's placenta or umbilical stump, the ashes of a loved one, or a lock of hair, the tangible memories of your sacred legacies from your life's journey are crafted into a guru bead to be strung onto your meditation mala -- making your mala truly unique and precious to you. How the process works between you and the artists:

Within two business days of your order, you will receive an instructional email on how to mail your inclusions to Sacred legacy arts to be crafted into a sacred legacy guru bead. The time it takes to craft this bead will fall in line with Sacred legacy arts current turnaround time which is listed in the FAQ section of Sacred legacy arts website. Once your guru bead has been created, Sacred legacy arts will ship your bead to Blue Moon Holistics. You will be notified that your guru bead has been created and receive a tracking number of the bead being sent to the next artist.Once arrived, Blue Moon Holistics will create your sacred legacy meditation mala. The completed mala will be shipped to you from Blue Moon Holistics.
As this is a truly hand-crafted piece from start to finish by two separate artists, please understand that the turnaround time for this particular piece will be longer than other items listed in their respective shops. However, with something so intimate and personalized to you, we truly feel that the extra time and energy required to create something so precious is worth the extra efforts required to craft your sacred legacy meditation mala.
to complete your order please visit


::Please note that this listing is for the Mala portion of this piece ONLY you must follow the above address and purchase the Guru bead::