• Image of motivation and tranquility meditation mala

Pink zebra jasper combined with rose quartz, cherry quartz and a cream Thai silk tassel OR choose our vegan friendly cotton tassel (shown in the 4th photo) in cream color.

Meditating with your mala:

This Mala would be very suitable for meditating with the mantra
Om mani padme hum (lovingkindness mantra) OR Vashikaran mantra OR during yoga practice to bring clarity of thought and intention OR for non spiritual breath work and intention setting simply breathe in and out once for each bead (nice and slow) while visualizing the goal or intention you're working on.

Pink zebra jasper acts as an encouraging stimulant which motivates and energizes you. It will help one overcome apathy and sets sets you into action so that you can achieve something fruitful. Absorbs negative energy and allows free flow of tranquility.

Rose quartz has a very strong loving energy.

This mala has 108 plus one beads, a true mala, hand knotted between each bead.

each mala I create is created to order, with lots of loving vibes and positive intentions. please allow 1 week before shipping, well worth the wait!