• Image of Balance and protection mindfulness beads

For balance and aura protecting this set of mindfulness beads holds Fluorite and Russian amazonite, Strung on nylon thread with a cute little coco wood crescent moon.

::what are mindfulness beads?
Each set of mindfulness beads that I create are useful for a myriad of purposes, some of which will change over time making this a very versatile and useful tool for everyday life! Some of the ways they can be used include (but are NOT limited to)

Tracking water intake
(When needing to keep track of which breast babe fed from last)
(Lap tracking in swimming/running/Biking or set counting in crossfit the beads can easily be moved with one hand...trust me I do it!)
Instilling or breaking habits
Visual reminder to be kind or bless others

::how does this work?
The way that the beads are strung allows them to be slid easily from one side to the other (with one hand!)
Ie if you're tracking your water intake then once you've drank a glass of water you'd slide one bead over until at the end of the day you've moved the amount that you've committed to. I personally find so much satisfaction in moving each bead!

::each bracelet will be made to fit an adult wrist at 7" length. If you would like it created in an alternate length please choose "custom" and leave your desired finished length in the notes at checkout::