Once you've made the decision to purchase a handcrafted piece of jewelry from us it's important to know how to properly care for your piece, allowing it to work hard for you for a long time!below you'll find specific information for each type that we offer. please never hesitate to send me a message here if you have any further questions.

::Genuine Baltic amber teething necklaces

should your necklace become messy from baby wear and tear try hand washing your necklace very gently using a mild (preferably all natural such a Dr.Bronners) soap. rinse with warm water and allow to air dry. 

::crystal and stone pieces

these pieces of jewelry carry so much good energy, and give as well as receive, and it's very important that they be cleansed atleast once per month. I like to cleanse during the full moon phase each month. this not only helps me to remember to do it as well as allows my crystals and stone to absorb all of mama moons positive energy! during this cleansing time you should use either sage smudge or palo santo (both available here) allowing the smoke to sourround each one. in a ritualistic way this helps to cleanse, ground and recharge your piece, as well as reconnects it to you.